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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm MST

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quickly outside, jones, the true freshman, put down by kisean allen. baker mayfield 26 of 35, 545 yards and a school record seven touchdowns in his return to the place where he began his college career. mixon, big hole, joe mixon good-bye. touchdown, oklahoma! this one from 42. his fifth of the day. >> brady: that was just
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texas tech defense putting all the bodies around the line of scrimmage. there is no one in the back end as far as the last line of defense. so once joe mixon gets through the line of scrimmage, it is just green grass, green turf, whatever you want to call it. another big night, another big run for joe mixon versus this texas tech defense. >> joe: we sought a year ago, another career record for himself tonight. 251. oklahoma now within game. 852 tonight. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $300 back. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for just 160 with no surprise overages.
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i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me. >> joe: fox college football presented by verizon is sponsored by allstate, proud supporters of college football. it's good to be in good hands. and you get the feeling that if texas tech is going to have a chance and this one, an onside kick is going to be involved. six consecutive touchdown drives for oklahoma.
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quarter. 852 yards of offense. the school record for oklahoma is 875. they racked that up on a 1-10 colorado team back in 1980. reggie davis from the 1. a flag down. davis down at the 15. and if he's cramping up, you don't blame him. >> brady: he didn't have his normal pop. >> referee: holding on number 32 of the return team. the penalty is half the distance to the goal, and its first down. >> joe: we are going to do a futile exercise here. progressive performance of the game, what are you picking? >> brady: you could have picked a number of players, so we picked to go. you look at mayfield's
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mahomes has but the team on his back, you see the passing yards, but he is leaving them and rushing as well. 700 yards and six touchdowns total. mixon is the other player you could throw in the mix. 365 total yards, rushing and receiving and five touchdowns for him. we couldn't even put him in the graphic. at this point pick both offense of coordinators, both offense of staffs, as well. the job that they have done preparing for this matchup. >> joe: davis helped to his feet, and limping his way off. all kinds of record set. nearing others. including four patrick mahomes, who is 23 yards away from the all-time record. by the way, these two teams have combined to set a big 12 record for a single game.
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for mahomes, 23 yards away from conor halliday's record. 751 he set against cal, october 4th, 2014. mahomes has 728. and 454:55 left to go. >> brady: there there's nt it'll be on his shoulders, to carry the weight. >> joe: setting in his own end zone, throws for a first down. jonathan giles to the 25 and a gain of 18. so he is five yards short of the ncaa record. >> brady: you've got to credit the oklahoma defense, they have made some adjustments at halftime to try to limit his success catching the football. once again, mahomes eyes finds the open window to giles at the
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the ncaa record for total yards in a game. he has a texas tech record for passing yards. annie adds to it with coutee. and now he most certainly does have the ncaa record for total yards in the game, patrick mahomes, the spot where that nameplate belongs is where he has put his team tonight. down to co-scores, 4:15 and counting. backpedaling, under pressure, gets rid of it, and it is incomplete. a diving attempt from lauderdale, 2nd & 10. >> brady: a guy who has been really quiet tonight, really hasn't had too big of an impact or effect on this game is number 31, obo okoronkwo. the last three games he had four sacks, he has been pestering quarterbacks all year long, but mahomes and texas tech, the guys
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limiting him. >> joe: almost like the crowd is totally gassed. a little flat in here right now. texas tech is down to touchdowns. mahomes scanning, stepping up, sliding down crossing midfield. it will be third down in short, they will spot him where he began that slide. so third and three. >> brady: what you are seeing right now is oklahoma kind of in pre-vent, but only rushing three. go ahead, try because then your defense can't stop our offense, and we are up by two scores. >> joe: it mahomes on a run-pass option, somehow sneaking it into sadler for a first down. >> brady: it's been that kind of an eye. almost like the ball was just finding his receivers once it leaves his hands.
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clock winding, inside of three and a half, mahomes has one-on-one on the outside, takes advantage. another first down. duhon shorts. these teams by the way have combined to set the ncaa all-time record for yards in a game. and i try to tell you exactly what it is right now, but why bother, because it is going to change on this play. a deep drop, anoer cameron batson at the 20, steven parker tackles tackled . 3 minutes to go. mahomes is 49 of 83 for 719.
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question about how his shoulder felt, i mean after this performance, with all the attempts, i can't imagine it is hurting him or feeling that bad. he practiced more this week, and look at that. 800 total yards tonight. a team that has really struggled to run the football. he is the leading rusher tonight. it has been that kind of season for patrick mahomes, he has been everything for this team. >> joe: as a testament to what kind of game it's been, his team is losing by 14. take a for the final 2:49. (chuckling) good luck with that, dave. ? you made the most of your retirement plan, ? ? so you better learn to drive that rv, ma ? ? so many things you're doing in your life. ? ??
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>> joe: next saturday, big day of college football on fox and fs1. you and i will be in stillwater, west virginia and oklahoma state. >> brady: did you book your ticket yet? >> joe: i haven't done that, i should do that. thanks for throwing the end of the travel department bus. washington-utah, 3:30 on fs1 second down and ten, from the 20, record-setting night all around. seems like every player giving you a new one. mahomes retreating, lofting it to the sideline. did he get his feet in? he did, batson, spot him three yards short. >> brady: it's crazy to me the transition that batson and jonathan giles have made as former quarterbacks. i would imagine they have good hands and a good feel for routes and timing and all that, but
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is something you don't get a lot of practice at a quarter back. around the sidelines they do a nice job of controlling their body. >> joe: his 51st completion of the night is a first down to giles. 51 completions. 2:26 to go. >> brady: they are still in a good position, too, with three timeouts. if they could get a score here, you would think they would try to d maybe they would try to kick and utilize a timeout and try to stop oklahoma. >> joe: rolling, room to run if he wants to. kapri doucet drives him out of bounds. and the crowd to seeing some extracurricular over there, but no flag with 2:04 left. >> brady: it look like it might've been close to a horse collar. >> joe: yeah. >> joe: and put his arm on his
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would have gotten ripped off there if it wasn't already ripped off. >> joe: inside of 2 minutes, now. on second angle, all three timeouts. mahomes elects to throw again. in the end zone, incomplete. lauderdale defended by thomas. the field shrinking here, and it is third down and goal. >> brady: this is the part where, unless they bring pressure, the way they are doubling the inside guys, the inside wide receivers for texas tech, so it football, even though it is not your strength. but we have seen patrick mahomes do it tonight. >> joe: the 180th play of this game is a 3rd & goal from the three. end zone, blown coverage,
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breathing! cameron batson rings them back to within a touchdown with 1:38. >> brady: we have heard this verbiage a couple of times, there's cameron batson, kind of hesitate, and he is just going to lose everyone in coverage. ends up kind of taking away the coverage by two guys going one way, and batson going the other, and he is going to hold for the extra point. >> j: game, as mahomes has tied the ncaa record for passing yards in a game now, with 734. back for an onside kick. that combines strength and comfort to work as hard as you do. and now, you'll find more styles, more sizes, and more ways to get the job done. because every pair wears our name, we back them with an
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n more at dickies dot com. ?? >> joe: three timeouts, but there is no way they can kick it deep here. >> brady: know, their defense hasn't really been able to stop the oklahoma offense and the second half, so they have to figure out some way to do an onside kick. that is what they are lining up to do. but it sounds like from what we were tolon clayton hatfield was looking at doing a middle onside kick, something where he actually kicks it off the hash from where he is now, and recovers it. maybe he does a variation. >> joe: here we go. onside kick, hatfield, and it skips its way right into the hands of jarvis baxter. now, the fact that they have three timeouts, means that that doesn't necessarily seal the deal.
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cop, really. that is what you are looking for out of any onside kick. it just stayed low to the ground. oklahoma did a good job recovering it. now with three timeouts and 1:37, you're going to have your defense step up. they have not been able to stop joe mixon all night long. he is averaging nine yards a carry. they are going to rely heavily on that offensive line. and mixon to be able to close out this game. >> joe: in a game that has one more would end it. here's mixon. and it will be second down and five. here comes the first texas tech timeout. >> brady: here's the predicament you are in. if you are texas tech, the way things have gone, every time you even put an extra body up her on
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been a crease or a theme, and joe mixon has taken it for a touchdown, a big run. or they have given up a big play on the outside because they have been in one-on-one coverage and haven't been able to cover down. so it is really hard to find a way of figuring out how you're going to be able to stop oklahoma at this point in time. >> joe: they have not stopped them since the second quarter, and on on a weird night in l, a bird almost just took brady's head off flying into the booth. neither here nor there. second hand five. to hang out for the rest of the game. >> joe: the box loaded up. mixon surging. he is to yards shy. 3rd & 2. >> brady: something to keep in mind around these piles, the offensive line could push mixon going forward, but they could
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that's something the officials would be looking for, as sitting now on a third and short scenario. most assured that they will be handing the ball off again to joe mixon, as we take a look at all the records tonight. seems like every game we have had this year there has been some record broken. >> joe: baker mayfield with seven touchdowns, but breaking landry jones record. here's one we haven't, joe mixon is the third fbs player in the last 20 seasons with those patrick mahomes, 840 yards as a record. 734 passing yards matching a record. we also have team records with the two teams combining for more than 1700 yards of offense. but how about joe mixon's day? >> brady: it started off right at the beginning of the game, they utilized him in the passing game, and that really helps opening things up in the running
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everything on display tonight. if you are an nfl scout or evaluator, you can't wait for this guy to have an opportunity to get to the next level. he is a redshirt freshman, so technically he is three years removed from high school. but the year he has had so far, he will be coming back to norman next year. >> joe: third down and two, and the the step comes directly to him. he waits for the block to develop, and sealed the deal with a first down to the 35. texas tech will used its final timeout, but oklahoma can now run the clock out. >> brady: what a night for baker mayfield. all the emotions, coming back to the place where really it all started for him. he had a lot of success early on as a freshman and then things didn't necessarily work out. he moved on to oklahoma, found a new home.
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>> joe: this is how teams take knees in 2016. by the way, texas tech did not use that final timeout. they are holding onto it. do you want another record? >> brady: sure. >> joe: what was it? 781st 7878 first downs tiesa record. >> brady: on pace the longer games finishing and regulation. >> joe: oklahoma is going to win its fourth in a row after that 1-2 start. this will be their 11th consecutive big 12 win. >> brady: you just a lincoln riley a moment ago. if you wonder why these young men, whether it is kliff kingsbury or lincoln riley, these guys continue to keep moving on and getting had jobs
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they just have defensive coordinators in a tizzy trying to figure out how to limit production. as much as you want is a texas tech's defense couldn't stop oklahoma, oklahoma's defense couldn't stop texas tech, either. >> joe: both teams, and this is perfect. both teams finished with exactly 854 yards. setting an ncaa record with 1,708 yards combined. >> brady: that is playstation stats. at expect maybe when a game goes into overtime, because of the rules, you get more touchdowns, extended playing time. just ridiculous. >> joe: there are so many guys you could take a look at and highlight on this night offense of late, but baker mayfield was spotless.
9:22 pm
importantly, no turnovers. that allows texas tech in a loss. >> brady: high-octane offense, the way he is operating in the pocket allows him to play better. utilizing joe mixon in all sorts of different positions, but it is also helped them to maintain drives, because they haven't taken as many negative plays. last year he would scramble around and get off of his rate or progression and cause himself problems, but that is not the case for oklahoma and baker mayfield. texas tech, a valiant effort. a young man who carried this team all year long, as these defensive struggles continue for texas tech. they still have a lot of growing up to do. a lot of young players out there, getting experience, and they will eventually make their way to be more effective, but it will take some time. really everyone is dealing with this issue right now. >> joe: let's go down to bruce feldman. >> all right, baker, crazy setting. how sweet is it in your return
9:23 pm
touchdown passing record? >> it is special anytime you can come here and get a victory. a tough environment, a little extra on it with a history, but a great team win. you've got to play off each other, and offense did just that. if we have to score that many times, we will. >> bruce: what is going through your mind out there? you guys combined to set the ncaa record for most yards in a game. you are watching pat do his things it, what is going through your mind as you are watching him light it up? >> he is a heck of an athlete. he makes a lot of plays out a nothing, all the credit to him. i don't know how many passes he threw, but he should be very happy with what he did, he bawled out, it is always fun to go against a guy like that. >> bruce: joe mixon had a huge night, as well. how has he developed and grown as a player? >> joe has always had the natural talent, and we have always known he could catch like
9:24 pm
in space, he is maturing more and more as a player, we are very thing think of to har side, so ready to have them. >> bruce: how much did you notice the stuff going on in the crowd? >> you hear it, i enjoy it. a lot of people to realize i enjoy it, it makes it fun. that is why college football is a great game. >> bruce: thanks, baker. >> joe: to answer his question, patrick mahomes through 88 passes today, mayfield only 36. his arm is feeling fresh. back to lubbock in a moment. whether you're wearing layers... beads,
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>> joe: 66-59, the final score, and againt ncaa records tied or topped. don't forget, a full day of nfl action comes her way tomorrow, two of the season's biggest stories squaring off, sam bradford and the vikings, carson wentz and the eagles. we will have other regional action across the country. coverage starts at 11:00 eastern on fox. for bruce and brady and the rest of our fox sports group, joe
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look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself that he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year,
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first tonight on fox... local democrats first tonight on fox... first tonight on fox, local democrats rallying in phoenix today. their main goal to motivate latino voters to cast their ballots. >> this event taking place 4 -- 24 hours after jan brewer made comments about the voting habits of the latino community. >> reporter: hard to believe
9:33 pm
election day that is why there is a big sense of urgency today at this rally. >> i anticipate we will have the largest latino vote arer turnout in the state of arizona in a long time, folks. >> reporter: a strong message sent by county supervisor to encourage latino voters to cast their vote. >> we don't need governor brewer to challenge us. their presidential candidate is doing enough community. donald trump has made this election person. >> reporter: the event comes as a response to jan brewer telling the boston globe yesterday that arizona won't go blue because latino democrats don't participate saying "they don't get out and vote. they don't vote." he went on to say regardless of turnout in the past, he believes this election will be different.
9:34 pm
millions of latinos across the country. he made it personal for millions of muslim-americans across the country. he made it person for african-americans and lbgt and he especially made it personal for women across this great country. we are going to show him how we do elections by turning arizona blue. >> reporter: with 17 days until the election, city officials are encouraging all to cast their ballots early to ensure all votes are counted. >> no matter what happens on election day, if your car breaks down, if your kid gets sick, if you win a trip to disney land and you leave the state, your vote will count because you voted early. we're going to turn arizona blue this year thanks to you. >> reporter: also taking the stage, mayor greg stanton. early voting ends november 4.
9:35 pm
political news, a campaign finance violation has been filed by bill montgomery's campaign against a political committee linked to hedge fund tycoon george suaros. the law says political committees must provide 24 hour notice to opponents about tv or print ads against them. the notified. >> staying with poll -- politics, every year s.r.p. employees get to meet canneds running in this year's election. courtney griffin was at their picnic held today. here is more on the candidates who showed up and why voters say it is important to go to this. >> this election the just bizarre. i would like to hear something
9:36 pm
based on what the other person has done or not done. i would like it to get to a level that this country deserves. it's not there right now as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: a large picnic, not just for food and fun but to meet several candidates running in this year's election. s.r.p. put this together for the current and former employees. >> in arizona, corporations cannot contribute through candidates. the political action committee is called pick. we pride ourselves on the fact that individual employees that make personal contributions towards our pick account are able to have more of a weight when the contributions are made to candidates. >> reporter: among the candidates include sheriff joe
9:37 pm
>> it is a one-stop shop that allows them to meet federal, state, local candidates and it is a great opportunity for them to ask their questions and understand their platforms. >> reporter: some people attending already voted but wanted to meet the candidates. >> it is another opportunity to get information about where they stand on issues. >> still nice to hear the candidates firsthand on their ideas and it is different f what they read. >> reporter: voters like joann, who has not voted, she says this could make or break their vote. >> it makes a difference that they come. s.r.p. is a major employer in the valley and there are a lot of employees here. i think if they sort of pass by these opportunities to speak to this type of audience i think that's not a good sign either.
9:38 pm
fox 10 news. >> this year, more than 40 candidates showed up, along with current or former s.r.p. employees. the state transportation department is conducting what is calling a selfish driver's campaign. it targets impaired driving, speeding, impaired driving and speeding. adots will be posting messages on adot signs their actions can have consequences for others. if you head to the airport on a regular basis, you want to hear this. phoenix sky harbor will extend its train services to the rental car service. it is going to add gates at terminal four. this $950 million project was approved this week. it the going to be funded by passenger fees, other airport revenues and bonds.
9:39 pm
by 2021. 48 million passengers are expected to pass through sky harbor in 2021. we may finally know what happened to the mars probe after it landed on the red planet and when we may make contact again. he asked me to return to his suite and have dinner with him. >> another womante accusing donald trump of inappropriate behave. >> reporter: election day 2016 approaching, the presidential candidates are picking up the pace on the campaign trail. i'm mike emmanuel in
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
with election day with election day quickly approaching, the 2016 candidates are working overtime to court voters. >> mike emmanuel has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump offered insight into his first 100 days in office if he wins the election. he promises to ban congressional
9:43 pm
lobbyists after they leave office. >> a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on members of congress. for every federal regulation, two existing regulations must be limited. >> reporter: trump lashing out against the women who have accused him of sexual assault. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: more revolutions about what clinton's advisers think about catholics and evangelicals. she was working for a think tank when they were e-mailing about why conservative catholics. they think it is the conservative religion. clinton campaigning in
9:44 pm
>> that was the thirst -- third and last time i will ever have to debate donald trump. think about this, i have now spent four and a half hours on stage with donald proving once again, i have the stamina to be president and commander in chief. >> reporter: with election day a little more than two weeks away, the candidates will be working through the weekend with clinton traveli carolina and trump traveling to sunny florida. as you heard, donald trump threatened to sue his accusers, another has come forward. jessica drake is an adult film actress and they met at a golf tournament back in las vegas in 2006. drake says trump kissed her without asking and tried to pressure her into sex, offering her $10,000 and the use of his
9:45 pm
>> later that evening, he invited me to his room. i said i didn't feel right going alone. so two other women came with me. in the penthouse suite, i met donald again. when we entered the room, he grabbed tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission. he was wearing pajamas. >> drake is the 11th woman to accuse donald trump of inappropriate behavior. all right, coming up on a different note, we're talking weather. it was a warm day if you went outside. unseasonably warm. we're going to talk about a cooldown in the forecast and maybe seeing some rain that's coming up after the break.
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scientists say europe's scientists say europe's experimental mars probe hit the right spot when it landed on the red planet but may have been destroyed in a fiery ball of rocket fuel because it was traveling too fast. a black spot was found where the rover was meant to touchdown on wednesday. taking a live look over the valley fro tower cam. a gorgeous evening out there. 85 degrees. the winds are calm out there. these are the temperatures as you walk out the door. most everybody still hovering in the 80 range for this evening. 81 in goodyear. 79 in deer valley. 76 in mesa. things are cooling down as you go to the northern portion of the state. 64 in payson.
9:50 pm
taking a look at the map, we had the high pressure in control of our weather system. we're starting to see a few little clouds and possibility of scattered showers south of tucson on the border. we do have changes in the forecast in the way of rain and clouds. we're going to start this monday morning around 8:45. you'll see the clouds become more prevalent as the day progresses and into the afternoon, starting to see spotty showers, mainly in the northern portion of our state. the national weather service says there is in the valley, we could see sprinkles. that will stay into the forecast until at least tuesday morning. take a look at the day today. high today, 97 degrees our normal for this time of the year, 86. 11 degrees above where we should be. this is going to be in the pattern before we see the storms take hold. our record, 102 back in 2003. flirting close to the triple digits. overnight lows, most everybody
9:51 pm
upper 60's. down here in the valley, we got 30's and 40's in the northern portion of the state. tomorrow, temperatures above the seasonable average. 94, casa grande. gila bend at 96. 69 in flagstaff tomorrow. 76 in payson. the next 10 days is what we're talking about, the storms move in on monday. the temples also go down just slightly tuesday. we'll see the clouds hang around by the middle of the sunshine. temperatures riding back up into the mid 90's. >> reporter: big night in tempe. the devils with their homecoming game tonight. you have to win on homecoming, right in how the cougars of had other ideas. highlights coming up after the
9:52 pm
9:54 pm
oh.. you know the >> reporter: you k college kids are hopped up on dr. pepper in tempe tonight. it is home coming. manny wilkins not 100% but he is tough and in action tonight. starting and the fans love this. manny calls the number and watch them hurdle, he hurdles the defender. so nice look at that twice. that's how you lead by example
9:55 pm
coming right at you, devils up early. later in the game, manny goes down right here and he would stay down. he is hurt, leaves the game with a stinger. once the helmet is off, you know he is done for the night. sparky formation. turns on the afterburners, two words, i'm gone. takes it to the house, 14-3, devils. ensuing kickoff, robert taylor on the this guy can run. look out. robert taylor gets outside. down the sideline, one man to beat and he beats him at the 30, 20, 10, 5, touchdown, cougars. one minute before the half, here comes the cougars. cougars lead at the half, 17-14. they lead right now in the
9:56 pm
fox sunday is all set but we have one more college football game, texas a&m and alabama. o.j. howard with a touchdown refusing to go down. a&m wouldn't go down. tough catch, touchdown aggies and a&m leads the game 14-13. alabama comes back to take a lead and how about this, oh, boy. defense leads offense. we're going the o allen, touchdown. alabama leads 26-14. jaelen hurts putting the hurt on texas a ph*frpd m. i love the cut back. see you later. 37 mince later. today was all about the college kids and tomorrow the big boys take center stage.
9:57 pm
his old team. could this be it? could this be the year that the cubbies win it all? they are one win away from the world series. first inning, cubbies on the board just like that. kris bryant pokes one to right. a run scores, 1-0. cub,up 3-0, in the fourth. contreras, get out. solo sho clayton kershaw can't believe it. believe it. next inning, anthony rizzo, the golf swing. you can kiss that baby goodbye. that makes it, 5-0, cubs. rizzo is pumped up. two outs away for the cubs. well, there's one and there is two. cubs win the pennant. they win the game, 5-0.
9:58 pm
world series. anthony rizzo talked about the final out. >> you caught the last out that sent the cubs to the world series. do you still have it? >> i'm sleeping with this thing tonight. we're going to the world series. >> reporter: that is a cool souvenir. we do it again at 10:00. the sun devils doing their thing in tempe. that is later. right now, it is back to the news crew because fox 10 news at
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